If you're like most homeowners, your head is spinning. You have some questions about flooring. We understand. You have questions! The world of flooring is a huge industry with near limitless choices. It's easy to get lost in the mire of different brands, styles, materials, constructions, and looks. Having too much variety can be just as bad as having not enough. Here are some answers to some fo our more comonly asked flooring questions.

How can you determine if a tile is suited for outdoor use in a cold climate?

If your labels or literature says it is frost resistant, or a porcelain, it is suited for outdoor use.

Is a product with a (4) four wear rating a better quality or more expensive than one with a (2) two wear rating?

Not necessarily; the wear rating has nothing to do with quality or price, only durability. Some of the most expensive tiles are the hand painted wall tiles and they only have a wear rating of (1) one.

Rigid Core Vinyl Flooring: SPC vs. WPC

SPC, which stands for Stone Plastic (or Polymer) Composite, features a core that is typically comprised of around 60% calcium carbonate (limestone), polyvinyl chloride and plasticizers.

WPC, on the other hand, stands for Wood Plastic (or Polymer) Composite. Its core typically consists of polyvinyl chloride, calcium carbonate, plasticizers, a foaming agent, and wood-like or wood materials such as wood flour. Manufacturers of WPC, which was originally named for the wood materials it was comprised of, are increasingly replacing the various wood materials with wood-like plasticizers.

Because SPC’s core layer is comprised of limestone, it has a higher density in comparison to WPC, though is thinner overall. This makes it more durable compared to WPC. Its high density offers better resistance from scratches or dents from heavy items or furniture being placed on top of it and makes it less susceptible to expansion in cases of extreme temperature change.

One important thing to note is that although SPC and WPC are often marketed as being waterproof, they are actually water resistant. Though neither product is entirely waterproof if submerged underwater, topical spills or moisture should not be an issue if properly cleaned in a reasonable amount of time.



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